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Greenback High School

Greenbank High School

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School finishes at 1.10pm on Friday 23/3/2018. Buses will depart at 1.20pm. Enjoy the Easter break. 

Resisdent Philosopher

Our "Wandering Philosopher". 

We have recently appointed a resident philosopher to help pupils and staff open their minds to new ideas here at Greenbank.

Royal Institute of Philosophy tutor, Glenn Skelhorn, has been helping  pupils contemplate and discus big questions in lessons across the curriculum. He has been working with teachers to devise thought-provoking sessions, opening pupils’ minds to exciting new ideas and helping them to develop their thinking skills.

Pupils have explored the relationship between the senses and knowledge by trying out a virtual reality headset, pondered the ethics of eating a pet cat, considered whether it is right or wrong to destroy an uninhabited planet, discussed whether elephants can make good art; enquired into the possibility of truth in poetry and wondered where perfect circles exist.

The year seven pupils have also benefited from a 10 week ‘introduction to philosophy’ course, looking at ideas and arguments of some of the greatest thinkers, including Plato, Descartes, and Locke.

Pupils have responded brilliantly to exploring philosophical questions in class - discussing and challenging ideas has given an extra dynamic to lessons, from Art and History, through to Maths and Science.

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