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Greenback High School

Greenbank High School

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School finishes at 1.10pm on Friday 23/3/2018. Buses will depart at 1.20pm. Enjoy the Easter break. 

Paired Reading

Paired Reading scheme for Year 7 pupils.

The 'Paired Reading' scheme for Year 7 pupils is now in full swing. English teachers identify girls in year 7 who they feel would benefit from a 'reading buddy' and each of these pupils is then allocated one of the Year 9 Literacy Leaders to look after them for the year. Once a week, during their PDT sessions, the Literacy Leaders work with their 'buddies' in the Library. The girls help them to choose books, listen to them read and also help them to log on to the Accelerated Reader site and take quizzes. It has been lovely to see the enthusiasm with which both the Year 9 and Year 7 girls have approached the scheme and we're sure that, as in previous years, it will lead to reading success for the pupils involved.

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