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Article of the month: Article 19 (protection from violence, abuse and neglect).  Governments must do all they can to ensure that children are protected from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect and bad treatment by their parents or anyone else who looks after them.

Year 10 A* Programme

19 pupils have been selected to take part in a Year 10 A* Programme.

The pupils will take part in a series of workshops throughout the year. The workshops aim to help increase their chances of achieving A* GCSE grades. We have linked with KGV College to provide the girls with a Year 13 Mentor. They will meet regularly with their mentor to discuss targets, successes and any difficulties they may be facing.


They have already taken part in a two day excursion to Oxford. They had the opportunity to visit two of the Oxford University Colleges, St Peters and St Johns, The Ashmolean Museum, The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford town centre and the local ice rink.


Later on in the year they will have the chance to shadow their mentor in KGV College and take part in additional Oxbridge events.

Mrs A Wright (Parent of Sophie, Year 10)

‘Thank you so much for taking the girls to Oxford. My daughter Sophie Wright 10H thoroughly enjoyed it. She is now talking about working hard and trying her best to go there. She was so enthusiastic and determined. We loved seeing her happy about school again.’

Rachel (Year 10):

‘I found this trip to be incredibly enriching, and gave me an insight on the kind of things I would have to do and work on in order to attend university, especially the top ones. I learned a lot as well as having lots of fun, visiting places I'd never been to before. Going around the colleges and city really inspired me to work hard at school to achieve what I want to, so I can go to the university I now have my heart set on. I was surprised at some of the subjects they offered, as I had previously not known exactly what I wanted to do.’

Charlotte (Year 10):

‘Recently I attended a two day trip to Oxford University with the school. On day one we visited the Ashmolean museum to view the artefacts and extend our knowledge, followed by tea out at Pizza Express and ice skating. On day two we attended two of the Oxford colleges, St Johns and St Peters, where we were given a tour of the colleges and a chance at computer programming using new software, as well as a visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum. From the trip I have gained a clearer understanding of how to apply to university, as well as learning new computer programming skills, and at the same time thoroughly enjoy the experience. It has encouraged me to work harder in high school and the future as the importance of GCSE's and A levels were brought to my attention, which will allow me to achieve the best that I can and make the most of my education.’

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