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German Exchange

Our German Cultural experience.

We were pleased to welcome 9 students and 2 teachers of English from Eschwege in Germany, which is a small medieval town with a population of 19,000 and is in the centre of Germany. The school is a Grammar School and is called Friedrich-Wilhelm Schule and has around 400 students.
The group stayed in the Waterside Lodge Scout Centre beside the Marine Lake from Saturday 21st March until Thursday 26th. A group of our Y9 pupils volunteered to be tour guides and showed their new friends the sites of 'Sunny Southport' over the weekend. We also introduced them to some of our favourite British meals which included Fish and Chips, Chicken Tikka Masala and full English breakfast.
The Y10 catering group provided an excellent hot buffet for both German and Spanish exchange students and their friends at Greenbank/Birkdale and even did the washing up!
During their stay the group attended a wide range of lessons and were very impressed by the facilities we provide. They spent a day visiting some of the main cultural attractions in Liverpool, as well some time shopping.
We thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the students and were impressed by the standard of their English. They gave a very interesting presentation to 2 KS3 classes about life in their town and their school. Our pupils were intrigued by the fact that most of the class rooms still have chalk boards and also that the students don't wear school uniform.
The 2 staff who organised the visit have invited us to visit them in Escwege as soon as possible and we are hoping to be able to so in the near future. Watch this space!

"This week we had the privilege of showing some German students from Eschwege around our school, and the area surrounding Southport. Both groups had the chance to learn more about another culture, which was often surprising. For example, we learned that in Germany, as with America, they drive on the opposite side of the road. When we first met it was a little awkward, though it didn’t take long for us to get to know one another. However fascinating they found Southport, we all thought Liverpool was somewhat more interesting. Visiting the docks was particularly good, and we managed to take lots of photos! Perhaps the most enjoyable part of our trip to Liverpool was shopping – compared to Southport, there was a much wider variety of shops! All of the exchange students were later invited to Waterside Lodge, where we were given a chance to socialise. Those of us who had not learned German before were taught some new vocabulary, such as ‘nein’ and ‘eichhörnchen’. On Wednesday, we were treated to a presentation about Eschwege by the students – we found out about some of the wonderful attractions that it had to offer, as well as about their school. We were all quite upset when they had to leave, although we shared many memories together. We all hope to keep in contact with each other, and visit them in the near future." Adiba 9D

"The German exchange started from the Saturday the 22nd of March. The students where here until the Thursday the 26th March. We met them on the Sunday and went around town where we got to know them a bit more, went shopping and went to laser tag.  The Monday they were in school in our lessons. On Tuesday we went to Liverpool on train with the students from Germany, we did shopping round Liverpool one, went to the museum of Liverpool also visited the Cathedrals. It was a great day!  Tuesday night we met up at the water side lodge for a social event party, with the German students, English students and Spanish students. Wednesday we were back into school again and they spoke to us about their home town Eschwege and about their school life. It was really interesting to learn about another culture. The whole experience was amazing, getting to know the German students was really fun."  Lea-MariE 9L.

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