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Greenback High School

Greenbank High School

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Article of the month: Article 19 (protection from violence, abuse and neglect).  Governments must do all they can to ensure that children are protected from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect and bad treatment by their parents or anyone else who looks after them.

Pupil Leadership Team

The Head Girl Claudia and two Deputy head girls, Rachel and Hannah would like to welcome all pupils back for the new academic year 2015-16.

"The Pupil Leadership team is a group of 8 pupils including the Head Girl and the two Deputy Head Girls who work with the Senior Leadership team to come up with new ideas to improve the school.

"I am the Head Girl at Greenbank, I am in my final year and I have really enjoyed my time here so far. In my role, I will help the Senior Leadership Team to come up with ideas which will hopefully make your time at Greenbank even more exciting! I also hope to be an approachable role model for younger pupils." 

Claudia, Year 11.



"I took up the position of deputy   I  I took up the position of deputy head girl in the hope I can assist our head girl in making Greenbank a better school for everyone. I work as an ambassador of our school to the local community, including primary pupils, parents, and visiting adults. For me, this role is about acting as a bridge between pupils and staff, so new ideas can be relayed across to advance Greenbank even further.

Greenbank has given me countless opportunities to develop my skills and interests. Through extra-curricular activities such as music and sports clubs, as well as trips to places like CERN in Switzerland and a week on work experience at Liverpool University, I have been able to discover new paths for the future paired with establishing myself as a person.

Rachel, Year 11. 

As one of the deputy head girls, my role is to support Claudia, our headgirl and make sure that our pupil leadership meetings are productive in making the positive changes that the pupils of Greenbank want to see. We also discuss different ways that we could inform year groups and raise money for various charities. Already this year we have done talks in many primary schools about what it's like to go to high school and why Greenbank is a good choice. Hannah, Year 11.

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