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We are looking forward to meeting pupils joining Year 7 in September and their parents on Monday 9th July at 6:30pm for our New Intake Evening.

National Poetry Competition Winner

Hannah, in Year 11, entered the War of Words poetry competition run by Young Writers for 11 to 18-year-olds, with her work “The Great War.” We are delighted to announce that her work has been published and you can read the poem that she wrote below.

Hannah  said that she was inspired from the experiences of her great grandfather, Tommy Taylor, who was in the cavalry and the trenches during the conflict, as well as from some of her lessons at school.

The Great War

In ‘Flanders’ Field’, the poppies blow,

Each for a man who died long ago.

When the battle of the Somme did commence,

Losses became even more immense.


Best of friends fighting side-by-side,

Half wishing they could turn back and hide.

Crimson flowing through the rich, French soil,

This is the story of their toil.


Over six million laid down their lives,

A stabbing pain, far worse than knives.

Loved ones mourning, for they’ll never return,

Each day the bitterness a fresh, new, searing burn.


“The war to end all wars”, they had said,

In ‘No Mans’ Land’, Our Boys lay dead.

All of the lives that were lost,

Came at such a tremendous cost.


Oh! “The Great War”, where to start?

Why did you break so many hearts?

Young men sent away to war,

Didn’t think they were done for.


For King and Country they gave their lives,

Whilst thinking of their darling wives.

The snipers night-time flares did burn,

As loved ones yearned for their safe return.


We may have won the war,

But that which we have lost is so much more.

This day we recall the struggles and fears,

Of those four bloody and death filled years.


We remember those who did not yield,

Now laid to rest in ‘Flanders’ Field’.

Yet, I see looking at our world today,

Peace must have come and gone away.


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